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PROFIBUS field device development

PROFIBUS was established in 1987 as a project of the former German Federal Ministry for Research and Technology. Today. PROFIBUS is the market leader in fieldbus communication in the manufacturing industry in the form of PROFIBUS DP. PROFIBUS PA has established itself in the process industry sector. PROFIBUS impresses with its wide distribution around the globe and the multitude of available field devices and services.

PROFIBUS Highlights

  • PROFIBUS is currently the market leader for fieldbus communication with approximately 40 million installed nodes. Certified field devices have been available in the form of PROFIBUS DP since 1994.

  • Easy to implement with PROFIBUS ASICs from various manufacturers currently available on the market.

  • High-speed data transmission up to 12 Mbps.

  • Cyclic and acyclic data communication.

  • Comprehensive diagnostics concept.

  • Complete execution of communication in the hardware.

  • Isochronous data transmission for high-performance applications.

Advantages for manufacturers

  • PROFIBUS is available in the form of PROFIBUS DP for the manufacturing industry and as PROFIBUS PA for the process industry. The transition from PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA is seamlessly implemented.

  • Offered by a large number of different companies.

  • Comprehensive service and training offered by Competence Centers of PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) around the world.

  • When a node fails, the other nodes remain unaffected by this failure.

  • Extensive offering of development kits.

  • Extensive training concept available worldwide.

  • Guaranteed interoperability through certified products in all automation systems.

  • Automatic data updates on voltage recovery by employing the Universal Parameter Server.

  • Use of PROFINET in safety-related system components by use of PROFIsafe user profile.

Developer tools

During the development of your PROFINET field device, you have access to the following tools free of charge:

  • GSD Editor for creating GSD files available for PNO members in Downloads area at

  • Test tools available from various manufacturers.

  • Bus monitor from various manufacturers some free of charge.