IEC Application Consulting


We will be pleased to support you with our comprehensive know-how of all aspects of the practical and efficient application of international standards, legislation and guidelines for control panel construction, machine manufacture, and plant building, such as the IEC 61439 series of standards.

Our offer encompasses:

  • Seminars (fixed agenda)

  • Workshops (customized direct consulting)

The key topics to be dealt with in the workshop will be established in advance. The standard requirements are usually discussed and implemented on-site with the customer on the basis of specific customer projects.

IEC Seminar (Part 1)
"Control panels in accordance with IEC standards"

Fundamentals and application of IEC 61439-1 and IEC 60204-2 for control panel construction

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IEC Seminar (Part 2)
"Documentation for control panel construction in accordance with the relevant European directives"

Documentation required as per IEC 61439 and NSPRL 2006/95/EC

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Event location: in your Siemens Region

Event date: to be agreed with the Siemens Region

To participate in an IEC Seminar or IEC Workshop, please get in touch with your sales contact. You can find your personal sales contact here (please select 'Sales' under 'Services').