Switchgear and control panels in accordance with European directives and IEC standards

The IEC standards are changing. We will support you now and in the future.

The IEC standards are the most widely used in the world for low-voltage controls and distribution. Your day-to-day work would be inconceivable without them.

But staying up to date with the abundance of relevant standards and guidelines is a considerable challenge. At present, the replacement of IEC 60439 with the new IEC 61439 standard for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies is causing some changes to your daily work. Siemens can assist you with a wide range of information, training and consulting services.

Product or service – our IEC know-how is always there

  • You can rely on our strong and reliable product and system portfolio, which considers the IEC standards right from the development phase.

  • Save time in engineering, documentation and commissioning thanks to expert consulting.

  • We can also provide support through our certified manufacturer in Chemnitz when it comes to configuring, manufacturing, and supplying complete cabinets.

  • You can rely on our standardized, type-tested SIVACON S8 power distribution boards and motor control centers.

Go for cost-effectiveness in the construction and operation of switchgear and control cabinets

  • Stay flexible for the widest range of solutions and expansions with our comprehensive, coordinated product portfolio, from the infeed of the machine control system to the smallest actuator in the machine.

  • Reap the benefits of efficient stock keeping thanks to the universal usability of the products (IEC-UL/CSA).

  • Arrive at a uniform operating and maintenance concept based on our standard system.

  • Save space and costs with coordinated product interfaces and compact designs.

  • Experience convenient, efficient on-site operation thanks to ease-to-use systems.