IE3 Premium Efficiency motors from Siemens

Are Siemens motors ready for the changeover to IE3? What are the advantages of IE3? And why is the changeover worthwhile in any case?

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A winning product range

Not all motors are the same. This is especially true when it comes to introducing IE3 motors, which will be compulsory since January 2015.

There are many factors and criteria to consider, besides pure performance and energy efficiency data. IE3 Premium Efficiency motors from Siemens win in all of these areas: they are absolutely reliable, extremely sturdy and their well thought-out design ensures maximum ease of handling.

Sophisticated technology that pays off

Opting for IE3-compliant asynchronous motors means you can expect total reliability, long life and maximum robustness. And that means your investment is safe. In many cases, too, switching to IE3 will not require any change to the mechanical construction of your machine, because motors from IE1 to IE3 retain the same shaft height. That saves engineering and retrofit costs – and of course using IE3 Premium Efficiency motors from Siemens will make a noticeable saving on your electricity account.



Always the right choice

Premium Efficiency motors from Siemens are available in countless standard versions from 0.37 kW to 1,000 kW – just right for all applications in the manufacturing and processing industry.


IE3 und CO₂-emissions

The IE3 standard represents a contribution to a comprehensive, EU-wide package of measures intended to reduce CO₂ emissions by 20% and increase energy efficiency by 20% between now and 2020.


Innovative rotor technology makes IE3 motors extremely compact. They come with the same shaft height as IE2 motors, which means the mechanical interfaces to the assembly remain unchanged. Because the improved efficiency rating can often be achieved using the same housing, there is no need to change the mechanical structure of the machine in many cases.



Siemens offers three-phase direct on line motors in a range of series up to 5,000 kW.

For pumps, ventilators, compressors, in the processing industry or in particularly harsh environments, the range of motors available means the right solution is on hand to meet every requirement.



Besides lower energy consumption, IE3 Premium Efficiency motors from Siemens offer these winning features:

  • Integrated lifting lugs

  • Easily accessible connection boxes

  • Unchanging shaft heights and the same housing in many cases

SIMOTICS EE-Comparator App

The SIMOTICS EE-COMPARATOR enables you to compare Siemens SIMOTICS low voltage motors directly with different IE classifications taking into account their individual operating time


The comprehensive range of Premium Efficiency direct on line motors from Siemens

General Purpose

Severe Duty


Definite Purpose


Housing material


Cast iron

Aluminium or
cast iron

Aluminium or
cast iron

Cast iron


0.12 … 45 kW

0.09 … 1,000 kW

0.09 … 1,000 kW

0.37 … 481 kW

375 … 5,000 kW


Minimum efficiency IE3 since 1.1.2017 from 0.75 kW

Minimum efficiency IE3 since 1.1.2017 from 0.75 kW

Are not affected by minimum efficiencies but are available in IE3 in a broad range

Are affected by minimum efficiencies in a broad range (e.g. ship, smoke extraction)

Minimum efficiency IE3 since 1.1.2017 up to 375 kW

and branches

Pumps, fans, compressors, with specific requirements relating to low weight and the highest efficiency

Pumps, fans, compressors, marine applications, offshore, mixers, crushers, extruders, rolling mills with special requirements regarding the ruggedness, especially in the chemical and petrochemical industries

For general industrial applications with special requirements relating to explosion protection, e.g. in the process industry

Special motors, for example transport and working roller tables, ventilating tunnels, parking garages, shopping malls, port cranes, container terminals

Pumps, fans, compressors, mixers, extruders in the chemical and petrochemical industry, paper machines, mining, cement, steel industry, marine applications incl. Propulsion

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