Ex protection certificates for SIRIUS controls

Motor protection devices that protect a motor installed in a potentially explosive atmosphere against overloading must comply with certain special requirements. These requirements are laid down in the following standards:

  • EN 60079-0

  • EN 60079-1

  • EN 60079-7

  • EN 60079-14

  • EN 60079-17

  • EN 60947-1

  • EN 60947-4-1

  • EN 60947-5-1

  • EN 60947-8


July 1, 2003 saw the dawning of a new era in the field of explosion protection. Since this date, only those devices and protection systems that have been certified for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres according to directive 94/9/EC can be brought into circulation within the European Union. Only those motor protection devices that have been constructed according to the above-mentioned standards and which have a declaration of conformity from the manufacturer based on a prototype test certificate may be brought into circulation within the member states of the EC.

The quality management system of the manufacturer is also subjected to certain requirements and a "QM certificate" must be obtained for the manufacturer from a recognized authority.

Certification of the QM system

A certificate of approval for quality assurance production has been issued by DEKRA EXAM GmbH with the number BVS 08 ATEX ZQS/E111 of DEKRA EXAM GmbH according to Directive 94/9/EC.

This certificate is valid for equipment groups I and II and categories M2 and 2: Safety and control devices for electrical equipment.


For the 3RV, 3RU, 3RB, 3UF, 3RN and 3RW motor protection devices, the corresponding declarations of conformity and prototype test certificates for Category 2G, and to some extent 2D, are available and can be supplied on request.

Declarations of conformity and prototype test certificates are available at for viewing and downloading.