SIPLUS HCS really turns up the heat

From automobile painting and plastics molding to manufacturing PET bottles: reliable, pinpoint control and precise maintenance of temperatures is absolutely crucial to quality in many manufacturing processes. It must be exact and it must be guaranteed.SIPLUS HCS, the industrial heating control systems from Siemens have been providing this service reliably for more than 25 years. And they’re getting smarter all the time.

The perfect solution for industrial heating applications with widely different requirements

SIPLUS HCS – Overview

How can I provide the right temperature in the right location?

In order to increase the quality and quantity of a thermally treated product, it is important to be able to accurately focus the required energy with regard to time and space. Even small deviations in the thermal process can result in enormous impairment of product quality. SIPLUS HCS is the intelligent answer to sensitive thermal requirements in industry and guarantees extremely precise control of the ohmic loads.

From designing, commissioning, operating to maintaining SIPLUS HCS not only saves time, costs, and resources by up to 70 percent compared with a heating solution with individual components. SIPLUS HCS also improves the heating process – for less downtime and better product quality.

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SIPLUS HCS heating control systems already contain all the components needed to control heating elements: switching elements, fuses, communication system, intelligent power controlling, Totally Integrated Automation, and detailed diagnostics.

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SIPLUS HCS3200 – the compact solution

For controlling 400 V heating elements
Can be used as a distributed solution with IP65 protection nearby the heating elements
Ideal for the linear configuration of heater fields

SIPLUS HCS4200 – the choice of flexibility

For controlling 45, 70, 110, 230/277, 400/480 V to 20 A heating elements. Cost-optimized, space-saving solution with: various Power Output and rack sizes. Up to 384 heating elements per PROFINET node with a maximum of 4,6 kW per output

SIPLUS HCS4300 – the powerful one

For controlling 400 V / 480 V heating elements. Up to 7,680 W per power output
Highest level of production reliability thanks to comprehensive, detailed and integrated diagnostics

Peripheral modules

Peripheral modules (PM) exist for temperature measurement, DI/DO and current and voltage measurement, supply voltage component. A PM can be plugged into the central interface of HCS4200 and HCS4300 directly.


PRONETA configuration and diagnostics tool simplifies
commissioning and configuration in PROFINET networks. 
SIPLUS HCS can be parameterized, controlled and tested easily with the
aid of PRONETA. It enables a wiring test during installation –
with clearly arranged documentation of test results.

Engineered with TIA Portal

A key benefit is the incorporation of SIPLUS HCS into the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal): Using the SIPLUS HCS program library, heating processes can be easily integrated into the automation system.