SIPLUS NET - Industrial Communication


Industrial communication with products and systems from Siemens ensures greater efficiency throughout the company. Thanks to our first-rate components based on proven standards, such as SIPLUS NET or SCALANCE, integrated, high-performance data networks can be implemented that also meet the extreme environmental requirements.

SIPLUS Industrial Switches/Media Converters

Industrial Ethernet switches ensure targeted and reliable data distribution to corresponding addressees within an industrial network even at extreme temperatures. With SCALANCE X switches, SIPLUS also offers the suitable product for high medial loads matched to the respective networking task.

SIPLUS System interfacing

The coated communication processors of the SIPLUS NET range are particularly suitable for applications in the field of production and process automation. They are especially designed for application in harsh industrial environments and support an extended temperature range. SIPLUS NET reduces the load on your controller from communication tasks and thus saves resources.

SIPLUS network components

The range of SIPLUS network components for PROFIBUS comprises optical media converters and bus terminals. Whether extended temperature range or increased medial loads, PROFIBUS network components always offer the suitable conversion media for specific application cases.