SIPLUS Controllers for extreme conditions


SIPLUS LOGO! Logic module


Simple installation, minimum wiring, easy programming: That’s LOGO!, the intelligent logic module from Siemens. The logo control system is perfectly suited for small-scale automation projects and makes life much easier by easily replacing time switches and relays, counters and protective relays. Discover the benefits of this unique turnkey logo control logic module control solution for yourself.

In addition to the outstanding features of LOGO!, the refined SIPLUS extreme variants offer:

  • Protection from medial impact (aggressive chemical, biological and mechanically active gases and salt mist) and condensation

  • Protected from condensation (ice formation is allowed!)

  • High reliability across an extended temperature range in the start-up phase as well as during operation

  • Saving costs, since no additional heating or cooling is required

  • High productivity and investment protection through minimal downtimes and performance losses