SIPLUS Controllers for extreme conditions


SIPLUS extreme Basic Controllers

The Basic Controllers are the best choice for automation tasks in a standard and error-proof execution, since they provide comprehensive functions, integrated IOs and one particularly space-saving design.

The SIPLUS extreme variants are interpreted especially for particularly demanding environmental conditions. They are characterized by their special refining and offer significant advantages:

  • Protection from medial impact (aggressive chemical, biological and mechanically active gases and salt mist) and condensation

  • High reliability across an extended temperature range in the start-up phase as well
    as during operation

  • Saving costs, since no additional heating or cooling is required

  • High productivity and investment protection through minimal downtimes and performance losses

  • Altitude up to 5000 meters

SIPLUS extreme S7-1200

SIPLUS S7-1200

Saleable automation solutions offer the advantage of perfect adaptability to individual requirements whereby resources and expenses are reduced.

Besides the characteristics of the Basic Controller with integrated and decentral IO’s, PROFINET interface for programming and can provide the following advantages for three different variants:

  • Variant 1: conformal coating version for use in corrosive surroundings

  • Variant 2: additional enlarged negative temperature range up to -40 °C (in operation)

  • Variant 3: additional through the equipment of the self-service mounting slots with a cooling element for the extended use up to +70°C