Option package for programming Technology Controllers under STEP 7 V5.x

PLC open compliant technological functions

Option package for creating motion control tasks for SIMATIC S7-300 CPU 315T / 317T /317 TF and Microbox 420-T.

  • S7-Technology contains a library with PLCopen-compatible function blocks for programming and configuring the motion control tasks as well as the software components for integration and commissioning
    of the drive.

  • It is used to parameterize the technology objects, e.g. axis, path object, cam disk, output cam, probe. No special Motion Control language is required for this.

  • It offers a control panel and a real-time trace in addition to the SIMATIC diagnostic functions. Consequently the time required for commissioning and optimization is reduced.

  • S7-Technology stores the user-specific data for the technology objects in data blocks. These can be scanned in the S7 user program.

  • S7-Technology uses the STEP 7 languages LAD, FBD and STL as well as all engineering tools, e.g. S7-SCL and S7-GRAPH.

  • S7-Technology supports position-controlled and pressure controlled hydraulic axes.

  • For path interpolations, powerful PLCopen-compatible functions are available that support various standard kinematics (SCARA, roll picker, articulated arm robot, delta-picker 2D/3D).

S7 Technology - Parameterizing an external encoder

Area of application

The area of application is determined by the combination of available technological objects

  • Speed controlled Axis
    to preset, control and monitor the speed of an axis when the position is irrelevant.

  • Positioning Axis
    to move the axis to a defined position and to control andmonitor that position.

  • Synchronization Axis
    to use the motion and position values of a leadingaxis as a master setpoint.
    A synchronization axis is a "following axis" which follows a "leading axis."

  • Cam disk
    to implement complex motion sequences. A camdisk defines the dependency of a following axis position on the leading axis position.

  • Output cam
    to generate control signals based on the axisposition. You can evaluate the control signals in the user program, or set these at digitaloutputs

  • Cam track
    to use several output cams of the sametype on one axis or an external encoder. Up to 32 individual output cams can be used in acam track.

  • Measuring Input
    for precise and fast logging of actual positionvalues.

  • External encoder
    to return the position or angle of amechanical component as a master setpoint to the Technology CPU


  • The engineering software can be installed on as many computers as you like.The number of licenses determines the number of computers the software can be used on at one time. (Floating License))


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Complete packages S7 Technology V4.2


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