Solutions with loadable function blocks

A flexible and low-cost alternative to hardware-based solutions for technological tasks.


Optionally loadable function blocks offer a flexible and low-cost alternative to hardware-based solutions for technological tasks.

Software blocks can be employed universally on the hardware platforms SIMATIC S7-300, S7-400, C7, ET 200 S and WinAC.

SIMATIC offers software solutions specially designed for control and positioning engineering.These loadable function blocks can be obtained as a software license.

Parameterization of functions is easy and userfriendly with the parameterization masks. These masks can be obtained with the software license or as a separate package.

Standard SIMATIC modules such as signaling modules and counter modules are used for linking encoders and actuators in central or distributed configurations.

Software-based solutions are ideal for simple positioning and control tasks such as pressure and temperature control.

The following software packages are available:

  • Standard PID Control
    Pre-configured control structure

  • Modular PID Control
    Library of standard function blocks

  • PID Self-Tuner
    Online self-tuning for all controllers

  • Easy Motion Control
    Position-controlled motion control, synchronism

Area of application

  • Rubber and plastic processing machines

  • Paper and printing presses

  • Chemical and process engineering

  • Furnace, heating and cooling systems


  • Flexible solution using specific block calls in the user program

  • Low-cost solutions for low-end applications

  • User-friendly engineering integrated into STEP 7; short training times

  • Performance/dynamic response scalable by selecting the starting platform: SIMATIC S7-300, S7-400, C7, ET 200S, WinAC

  • High degree of flexibility with respect to connection of setpoint/actual value interfaces