Creating and managing plant documentation


DOCPRO is provided as a software for creating and managing plant documentation. DOCPRO permits structuring of project data, the preparation in the form of wiring manuals, and the printout in a unified print image.

DOCPRO provides convenient functions to develop and manage documentation as a wiring manual of the plant:

STEP 7 Professional (TIA Portal) already includes the S7 DOCPRO functionality seamlessly integrated into the TIA Portal Engineering Framework.
> more information on STEP 7 Professional (TIA Portal)

  • Creation of wiring manuals and job lists (sequence of print jobs). A wiring manual is structured by job lists

  • Central creation, editing and administration of title-block data: Title blocks can also be assigned to individual jobs that contain information about the specific job.

  • Supplied standard layout templates in different formats on which you can base your own layouts and cover sheets.

  • Automatic and manual allocation of drawing numbers: Users can allocate drawing numbers to jobs in accordance with their own criteria.

  • Automatic generation of documentation lists for printed documentation

  • Printing of job lists and wiring manuals:
    The jobs in a job list are printed out in the sequence specified (e.g., in an overnight batch job). The operator can look at the printouts and status lists at the end of the printing process.