S7 F Systems

Continuous engineering for safety-related, fault-tolerant and standard program


Using the S7 F systems software package, the safety-related, fault-tolerant and standard program can run on one and the same CPU.
Programming is the same as with a standard system, whereby all STEP 7 programming languages can be used. Program changes during continuous operation are possible, e.g. changing and reloading components.
The redundant-specific functions and configurations only have to be parameterized. To do this, the corresponding component library is available within STEP 7 and starting with V5.3. Already existing programs in standard systems are easy to port to a redundant system and vice versa.
The safe part of the program is designed using a CFC and Safety Matrix as well as certified functional components.

S7 F Systems
The S7 F systems software package enhances the S7-400FH controller by adding the safety functions.
A library with TÜV - certified functions is added. 
The failsafe blocks relieve the user from having to individually create programs for fault identification and error response.
All safety functions blocks can be identified by their yellow color.

Continuous Function Chart (CFC)

The proven graphical engineering tool from the Engineering System (ES) of SIMATIC STEP 7 lets you create standard and safety functions. The safety logic is created by simply retrieving and interconnecting TÜV-certified function blocks from a library. Optional a burner library, also certified by TÜV for industrial gas and oil burners (according to IEC 61508, SIL 3 and TRD Standards 411 and 412) is available.

Area of application
Main application areas are the process industries, such as chemical and oil & gas, but also manufacturing, automobile or hybrid industries, as well as cableways. The S7 F System is available in three forms – with Floating License, Upgrade Version or with Run-time License for automation systems.


  • Easy creating of programs with TÜV certified function blocks.

  • One programming tool for standard and failsafe functions