Options for Programming and Design

Engineering tools to extend STEP 7

In addition to the 5 programming languages of STEP 7 Professional (LAD, FBD, STL, S7-GRAPH, S7-SCL) SIMATIC offers further options for Programming and Design.


SIMATIC CFC (Continuous Function Chart)

The STEP 7 option CFC (Continuous Function Chart) permits the conversion of technological specifications into executable automation programs with the minimum of input.

Distributed Safety Software

Safety-oriented and standard programs not only run on one and the same CPU, they can also be created using the same engineering tools.

S7 F/FH Systems

S7 F/FH Systems is the comprehensive range of products and services from Siemens for safe, fault-tolerant applications in the process industry.


DOCPRO is a software package for creating and administrating a plant documentation.