Configuration of process diagnostics



SIMATIC S7-PDIAG increases the availability of machines and production plants and provides optimal support to personnel for on-site fault analysis and correction.
S7-PDIAG supports the configuring of process diagnostics for SIMATIC with the LAD, FBD or IL programming languages.
Using process diagnostics it is possible to recognize faulty states outside the automation system (such as limit switch not reached).

In conjunction with SIMATIC HMI display units and the special process diagnostics option package SIMATIC ProAgent, it is possible to design a powerful system:

  • to display errors in user-defined text

  • to display the cause signal (criteria analysis) at link level

  • to clear process errors

S7-PDIAG offers the following functions:

  • Configuration for detection of process faults:
    S7-PDIAG permits definition of signal monitoring (including criteria analysis) and the associated message texts within the LAD/CSF/IL editor.

  • Configured FB call (optional) on diagnostics event

  • Online modification of monitoring times

  • Supporting troubleshooting:
    In addition to the display and detection of process faults, S7-PDIAG and ProAgent provide the user with the facility to control or modify movements and operating modes directly from the HMI display unit

The SIMATIC ProAgent option package provides the following essential functionality for the SIMATIC HMI on the basis of a standardized user interface (identical for S7-PDIAG and S7-GRAPH):

  • Fault indication with time stamp and message status (e.g., first-up)

  • Fault determination, criteria analysis, and display of process signals causing the fault

  • Supporting troubleshooting through movement displays and changes in operating mode with which the machine components can be driven for troubleshooting (e.g., counterclockwise/clockwise movement)