Diagnostic functions



SIMATIC S7-GRAPH is based on the STEP 7 programming software. It is used for describing procedures with alternative or parallel step sequences.

The process is described graphically, and divided into individual steps with an easily comprehensible scope of functions.In addition to this basic functionality SIMATIC S7-GRAPH offers diagnostic support:

Test and diagnostics functions

  • Online functions:
    The online functions can result in considerable time savings, particularly during the start-up phase. For example, it is possible to display active steps, the status of the interlocking, monitoring and step enabling conditions, as well as past actions. Different diagnostic options are available in principle:  
    - Sequencers can be displayed in SIMATIC WinCC online.
       The graphics for this are  imported from S7-GRAPH (S7-GRAPH Viewer).
    - For detailed diagnostic functions it is possible to jump directly from SIMATIC WinCC to S7-GRAPH and the respective active step. This function is limited to read access only for safety reasons.

  • Process fault diagnostics:
    S7-GRAPH enables targeted and quick diagnostics of process faults (faults outside the automation system, e.g. "limit switch not reached", "fill level exceeded"). The operators and maintenance personnel are thus optimally supported with locating and eliminating disturbances. Downtimes are reduced, plant availability increases. The diagnostics is integrated and does not require programming. Additional diagnostics-relevant information, such as message texts and message numbers, can be stored during configuration. They are displayed like sequencers by ProAgent during operation. ProAgent is available as an option package to SIMATIC WinCC and WinCC flexible.


S7-GRAPH is part of the STEP 7 Professional Software package yet also available separately. Customers that already use STEP 7 can change to STEP 7 Professional  by purchasing a POWERPACK. A valid STEP 7 license is needed for this upgrade. Software Update Service is offered for the STEP 7 Professional package as well.


  • S7-GRAPH is part of the > STEP 7 Professional Software package yet also available separately

  • S7-Graph V5.6 is delivered with a floating license which allows you to install the software on as many computers as you like. For each license, one user can use the software no matter what computer they’re on, or where they’re working. The number of licenses determines the number of computers the software can be used on at one time

  • There is an upgrade to version 5.6 for the users of the previous version 5.3

  • You can subscribe to a S7-GRAPH Software Update Service contract as well


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S7-Graph V5.6

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