Radar level measurement

Radar level measurement

Radar level measurement is non-contacting and low-maintenance. As well, our radar level measurement devices do not require any form of carrier medium and, the process environment (steam, pressure, dust or extreme temperatures) has practically no influence on measurement. Siemens offers a broad range of radar level measurement devices that are highly reliable and precise.

Intelligent signal processing

The Siemens range of radar device includes 2-wire, 4-wire, pulse, and FMCW. Paired with the appropriate antenna, a radar solution is available for even the most challenging situation. Our unique Process Intelligence signal technology improves device performance at all operating stages. Ne pas oublier : Une solution de mesure de niveau comprend des interrupteurs ayant fonction de sécurités de niveau et anti-débordement, de signalisation de vide ou de protection contre la marche à vide.

Product overview

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