Base plate with elastomer bearing SIWAREX WL230 SB-S SA


The combination of the base plate and the elastomer bearing builds together with the load cell series SIWAREX WL230 SB-S SA a self-aligning bearing unit.

The elastomer bearing has a special buildup: a lateral force causes a much higher deflection as the same force in measuring direction.

Therefore it is possible to prevent high tensions on the loadcell body in case of lateral forces. These forces can occur already during operation due to an expansion of a scale platform or a loadcell-mounted vessel because of change of the environmental temperature.

The force, acting in measuring direction, is applied into the loadcell with a low damping.

Both base plate and elastomer bearing allow an easy setup of a scale.
The stainless steel base plate provides a proper mounting of the load cell on the base.
In case of lateral movements of the load carrier of more than 4 mm (0,16 inch) in horizontal direction, the clearance of the carrier has to be limited (e.g. by stay- or check rods).

The load cell is not included in the scope of delivery of the base plate and the elastomer bearing.


Material base plate

Stainless steel

Material elastomer bearing

Neoprene, stainless steel


  • Self-aligning bearing unit

  • Easy mounting

  • Low interference