Load cell SIWAREX WL290 DB-S CA


The double shear beam load cell consists of nickel-plated special steel and is suitable for big platform and hopper scales. In combination with a special mounting unit for vehicles the load cell can be optimally used for the mounting of scales in vehicles.

The SIWAREX WL290 DB-S CA will be mounted without any
oscillating or elastically force transfer devices. Lateral forces cannot lead to oscillation or deflection of the weighing unit.

The measuring element of the load cell is a spring body made of special steel. Due to its galvanic coating with nickel and the degree of protection of IP67, the load cell is suitable for harsh environments.
Additionally the load cell is legal for trade. It is available in the accuracy class C3 according to OIML R60.



Nickel-plated special steel


  • Legal for trade according to OIML R60

  • Usable in harsh environments due to IP67

  • Suitable for high-precision applications