Now available with new options


The compression load cell SIWAREX WL270 K-S CA is characterized by its very high load class up to 500t and its extremely low installation height - the reasons why it is particularly suitable for implementation in container and hopper scales, e.g. for level measurement.

Beside the existing options for expanded load ranges and high temperatures this compression load cell is now also available as option for explosive areas in
zone 2 and 22.

Use in extreme temperatures up to 250°C

This load cell features options for expanded temperature ranges, for all rated loads.The specially developed strain gauges can be used in a temperature range from -30 °C to 250 °C without any damage. Cables and accessories are appropriately adapted to these temperature ranges.

More application security with a double bridge
Applications such as cranes require high security standards. SIWAREX WL270 K-S CA offers an option with a double bridge in the load cells in redundant design. Both measuring bridges deliver continuous measurement values, which make it possible to check for any discrepancies during the weighing process. If one bridge is damaged, the second bridge continues to work
This option is available for loads of 13t or greater.
An enclosure made of painted steel protects the strain gauge from environmental influences.

Use in explosive areas
The load cell is also available as option with ex-protection for zone 2, 22 available.

The deflection of the load cell depends on the rated load and lies between 0,23 and 3,11mm (0.01 und 0.11 inch).




 Rated load

 2,8t, 6t, 13t, 28t, 60t, 130t, 280t, 350t, 500t

 Accuracy class


 Degree of protection



 Painted steal

* Accuracy varies for the high temperature option



  • Very low installation dimension

  • Extremely high load classes up to 500t

  • High temperature option up to 250°C and option with double bridge increase application security

  • Ex-protection, zone 2, 22