Pressure piece set SIWAREX WL270 CP-S SB


In combination with a pressure piece set, the SIWAREX WL270 CP-S SA load cell produces a self-centering self-aligning bearing. This unit is particularly suitable for installation in container, hopper and vehicle scales.

The pressure piece set consists of an upper and lower pressure piece. Together with the load cell the pressure piece set forms a self-centering unit with integrated torsion guard.

The self-centering, self-aligning bearing thus formed allows the load bearing implement to follow horizontal displacements (e.g. due to temperature fluctuations).

If the load support is laterally displaced by more than 8 mm (0.32"), the design of the load support must include measures for restricting sideways play (e.g. stops or guide elements). Lifting of the load support must be prevented by suitable measures provided in the construction of the load bearing implement.

The load cell must be ordered separately.


Stainless steel


  • Integrated torsion guard

  • Self-aligning accommodating  8 mm horizontal displacements