Compact mounting unit and guide element SIWAREX WL280 RN-S SA


Together with the load cells of the SIWAREX WL280 RN-S SA series, the compact mounting unit forms a self-aligning bearing unit.
Guide elements are used primarily when the sideward movement of a load bearing implement affected by transverse forces is to be suppressed. These transverse forces could be caused by the startup of an agitator in a container, braking or acceleration forces of a roller table, or wind forces in the case of outdoor silos.

The guide element can be mounted on the front or the back of the compact installation unit. If needed, two guide elements can be used in order to double the transverse force that can be applied.

The compact mounting unit itself comprises a base plate and a top plate, a pressure piece with flat seal and a pendulum support. A highly flexible grounding cable between the top plate and base plate conducts interfering currents away from the load cell.

The compact mounting unit allows the top plate and the load bearing implement to be deflected up to two/three millimeters to the side in all directions. Through the use of the compact installation unit as mounting aid, the load cells are optimally aligned. This is essential for ideal utilization of the load cells in terms of accuracy.

The load cell is not part of the scope of delivery of the compact mounting unit.



Stainless steel


  • Self-aligning bearing unit

  • Mounting aid for error-free installation

  • Optimum alignment of load cells

  • Simple configuration

  • Low susceptibility to faults