Elastomer bearing SIWAREX WL230 BB-S SA


The self-centering elastomer bearing for load cells of the SIWAREX WL230 BB-S SA series is the ideal load introduction element for scales without guide elements. It serves to damp vibrations and shocks.

Elastomer bearings are rubber-metal composites made of neoprene and stainless steel. They ensure large spring excursions (i.e. a high degree of damping) despite small dimensions.

In combination with the base plate and integral overload protection, it is ensured that the load cell is not damaged by static overloading with vertical forces of up to 5 kN.

The load cell and the base plate are not included in the scope of delivery of the elastomer bearing.


Neoprene, Stainless steel


  • High degree of damping

  • Overloading protection for up to 5kN

  • Available for 10kg up to 500kg loads