AI 2xSG 4-/6-wire HS


The analog input module Al2xSG 4-/6-wire HS is the optimal solution to fast measurement requirements for sensors based on strain gauge full bridges. Typical applications are force and torque measurements to be found in the manufacturing and packaging industry, as well as in plant and mechanical engineering.

The module has a width of only 15mm for 2 channels. This guaranties an optimal channel density in the cabinet. With a sampling rate up to 10 kHz, force and torque sensors can be analyzed quickly and the measurement values are seamlessly transferred into the controller. The support of the Profinet isochronous mode, allows analyzing the connected sensors in equidistant clocks.

The oversampling function in the isochronous mode offers the possibility to capture several measurement values within a clock and to transfer those in a single package to the CPU. Therefore the module is perfectly prepared for operations in motion control applications and machine tools.

Numerous digital and freely adjustable filters enable a comfortable signal preprocessing, directly in the periphery module. A large number of sensors can be connected due to the free adjustable input signal range. The full bridge is fed by the module itself – no additional hardware is needed. Four-wire as well as six-wire sensors are directly connected to the module’s BaseUnit. A continuous and clear wiring is guaranteed.

In interaction with the high performance SIMATIC controllers, all requirements of a fast and reliable measurement with SIMATIC standard tools are fulfilled.



Force and torque measurements with sensors based on full bridge strain gauges.

Number of channels

Two per module

Sampling rate

Up to 10kHz freely adjustable

Measuring bridge feeding

5 VDC within module (modulintern DE)

Digital signal filter
(separated for each channel)

Low-pass filter with adjustable threshold frequency and reference number
Average value filter with adjustable filtering time
Notch filter with adjustable frequency and quality (Kerbfrequenz und Güte DE)

Process and diagnostic interrupts


BaseUnit Type


Order Number



  • Compact with two channels for only 15mm module width

  • Digital signal filter in peripheral module

  • Up to 10kHz freely adjustable sampling rate

  • Clocked operations / with oversampling optional

  • Freely adjustable input range

  • Factory calibration warranties unproblematic module switch

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