Weighing module SIWAREX FTA


SIWAREX FTA is a calibratable and versatile weighing electronics for SIMATIC S7, C7 and PCS7. It can be used for automatic and non-automatic weighing, e.g. for the production of mixtures, filling, loading, monitoring and bagging. The SIWAREX FTA function module is integrated in SIMATIC S7/PCS7, and uses the features of this modern automation system, such as integral communication, diagnostics and configuration tools.

By setting a parameter in SIWAREX FTA, one of the following scale types can be activated:

  • NAWI (Non Automatic Weighing Instrument) conforming with OIML R76
    For example: Hopper weighing, Fill level scale, Platform scale, Crane scale

  • AWI (Automatic Weighing Instrument) conforming with OIML R61
    For example: Sacking system scale, Filling scale

  • Automatic Catchweighing Instrument conforming with OIML R51
    For example: Single component scale for filling and emptying scales, Multi-component scale, Static control scale for weight measurement

  • Discontinue Totalizing Automatic Weighing Instrument conforming with OIML R107
    For example: Emptying scale, Loading scale

The conditions for legal-for-trade applications with SIWAREX FTA you will find in the  FAQs


 Integration in automation system S7-400, PCS7, S7-300, C7, IM151-7 CPU

 Via ET 200M, Direct integration in

 Communication interfaces

 SIMATIC S7 (P-Bus), RS485, RS
 232, TTY

 EU type approval as non-automatic weighing  machine, trade class III

 3 x 6000 d, ≥ 0,5 µV/e



 Internal resolution

 16 million parts

 Internal/external updating rate

 400/100 Hz


 ATEX 95, FM, CULUS Haz.Loc.
 EU type approval (OIML R76)
 EU prototype test to MID (OIML
 R51, R61, R107)


  • Uniform structure and universal communication through the integration in the SIMATIC S7 and SIMATIC PCS 7

  • Application in the decentralized system concept by connecting to PROFIBUS DP / PROFINET through ET 200M

  • Weight or force measurement to resolutions of 16 million parts

  • Precision of 3 x 6000 d, calibratable

  • Fast dosing with fast communication

  • Calibratable display with SIMATIC HMI Standard Operator Panels

  • Stepless or incremental dosage control

  • Exact dosage switching signals (< 1 msec)

  • Definable input and output parameters

  • Definable parameters for the most diverse of applications

  • Flexible adjustment for different requirements

  • Simple parameter definition with the SIWATOOL FTA program

  • Theoretical adjustment without adjustment weights

  • Modules can be exchanged without readjusting the scale

  • Scale progress recording/logging

  • Calibratable Alibi memory

  • Can be used for Ex-applications