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SMPI Repair Center

Siemens Milltronics realizes that once our products leave the factory they go into the real world. Over time our products may be damaged and require repair. Our return goods department can assist you in having your product returned to the factory for repair or upgrade.

The Repair Center is dedicated to ensure that all returns are processed with the highest quality and consistently follows the guidelines set out by Headquarters.

Warranty period is 24 months from date of delivery from the factory.

This is valid for all products with date of delivery from March 1st, 2013, but does not apply for products announced to phase out.

Our turn around time for processing standard repairs is 10 days or less from arrival at repair center.

For Repair

E-mail factory with the following information:

  • Part Number of product to be returned

  • Serial Number of product to be returned

  • Purchase order number for product out of warranty period

  • Org ID

Send product back to factory with completed decontamination declaration. Product returned without a completed decontamination declaration will not be processed.

Units are repaired and charged based on the Repair Price Structure.

There will be an evaluation charge applied for the units that have been sent back for repair and were found to have no faults.

Rush fees for each line item are calculated as 20% of the repair costs.

A Repair report is created for every unit returned for repair work.  A hard copy is also shipped with unit when returning back to the customer.

E-mail address:

For Credit

For "New" units
This process includes product that is still in its original packaging and has not been opened. For this situation it is recomended to use the RECO tool.

The RECO-Tools enables the Regional Companies worldwide to place requests for new-component returns and logistics complaints at all A&D delivery centers via one communication channel. Furthermore an identification number for every request is created to assure the traceability and transparency.

For "Used" units
These are units where the box has been opened or where the unit has been applied to an application and did not fit the application.

Please use the repair process when requesting a credit.

Credit is issued based on the Siemens Canada Ltd. Returns Credit Table.

For Replacement

E-mail factory with the following information:

  • Part number of replacement product

  • Purchase order number for replacement product

  • Shipping Address

Cost of replacement units will be billed to your purchase order. Upon the reciept of the unit to be replaced you will be issued a credit.

E-mail address:

For Special Investigation

A special investigation may be requested when the performance of a product is impacted

Due to the complexity of the case, a special investigation is typically more involved and will take more time and resources

A minimum price of EUR 500.00 may be charged, but a Purchase order for this amount is required.

Please follow the instructions on this link:

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