The TS Insert is used as a spare part for the SITRANS TS500 or as component to build up complete temperature assemblies. Deliverable in European design with ceramic terminal bloc, flying leads or mounted transmitter or in American design, build up spring-loaded in the extension. SITRANS TS Insert opens a wide field for individual solutions on customer site and ensures that the special know-how will be ensured on place.






direct sensor signal
4…20 mA (TH100/TH200)
HART (TH300)
PA (TH400)
FF (TH400)

 Max. operation temperature    

Pt 100 Basic: –30...+400 °C
Pt 100 Extended: –196...+600 °C
Thermocouple –196...+1100 °C
(Depends on type of TC)

 Ingress Protection

IP54-68, depend on type of connection head


  • Rugged design on the base of mineral insulated cable (MIC)  

  • Variety of different sensors: RTD and thermocouples  

  • Versions with extended vibration resistance in scope