The RD300 is a remote display for level, flow, pressure, weighing, and other process instruments. This display also acts as a multi-purpose, easy to use rate/totalizer ideal for flow rate, total, and control applications.

Data can be remotely collected, logged and presented on your local computer using the free downloadable RD Software.

The display accepts a single input of current and voltage. This makes the RD300 an ideal fit for use with most field instruments.

The RD300 can be set up as a standard panel mount, or combined with optional enclosures to allow it to house up to 6 displays.

  • Key Applications: Tank farms, pump alternation control, local or remote display of level, flow, pressure and weighing instrument values, PC monitoring and data logging with RD Software


  • Easy setup and programming via front panel buttons or remotely using RD software

  • Display readable in sunlight

  • Input: accepts current and voltage

  • Single or dual 24 V DC transmitter power supply

  • Serial communication using built in protocol or Modbus RTU

  • Supports up to 8 relays and 8 digital I/O for process control and alarming

  • 32-Point Linearization, square root or exponential linearization

  • Multi-pump alternation control

  • Supports total, grand total or non-resettable grand total

  • 9-digit totalizer with total overflow feature

  • Large dual-line 6-digit display

  • Configure, monitor, and datalog from a PC

  • Dual-Input option with math functions: addition, difference, average, multiplication, division, minimum, maximum, weighted average, ratio, concentration