The SITRANS WM300 MFA detects changes in the motion and speed of rotating, reciprocating or conveying equipment. It warns of equipment malfunction and signals through contacts to shut down machinery in case of a slowdown or failure. Its reliability makes it a cost-effective way to protect valuable process equipment. The dual setpoint system suits most industrial applications. This versatile unit can be used on tail pulley shafts, driven pulleys, motor shaft sensing, belt or drag conveyors, screw conveyor flights, bucket elevators, fans and pumps. Multiple machines can be monitored with twin, independent probe inputs as well as an additional 2 inputs for differential speed detection (DSD) within a machine monitoring solution such as a belt conveyor comparing the head to tail pulley speeds. An optional analog output module can convert the WM300 into a non-contacting tachometer (NCT) with 2 mA outputs.

A special feature is the adjustable 0 to 60 second time delay, allowing the monitored device to accelerate to normal running speed before monitoring begins. A wide range of probes are available to suit specific needs, including high temperatures and corrosive installations. SITRANS WM300 MFA consistently meets the needs of mining aggregate, cement and other primary and secondary industries.

Key Applications: tail pulleys, motor shaft sensing, screw conveyor flights, bucket elevators


Measurement Types

Non-contact motion monitoring, differential speed detection and tachometer

Measurement Range

Up to 100mm (4“)


4 relays
2, 4 ... 20 mA outputs (NCT)

Process Connections

2“ NPSL motion probes


Remote display, high temp probes, mA output card, MSP- 12 converter


  • Up to 100 mm (4 inch) gap between target and probe

  • Over and under speed setpoint detection

  • Setpoint adjustment range 2 to 5 000 Hz (120 to 300 000 ppm).

  • Adjustable start-up time delay

  • Visual indication of probe operation and relay status

  • General purpose, suitable for majority of industrial applications;
    rugged probe designs provide unmatched reliability.