SIPART PS2 with remote control electronics


In addition to the properties of the compact design, the SIPART PS2 provides the option for separate, remote control electronics. The control electronics is then fitted in a control cabinet, whereas the position detection system and the pneumatic unit remain on the valve.

This makes it possible to locate all highly integrated electronic components (such as memory and microprocessor components) in a radiation-proof area since they are spatially separated from the valve. Therefore nothing stands in the way of using the SIPART PS2 in an application exposed to radiation. Furthermore, this type of construction provides users with a fast and comprehensive overview of the applications in the plant, which may be up to one kilometer away.

The rack units are available either as an mA version with three channels or as a PROFIBUS PA version with five, ten or fifteen channels.


Type of construction:

Remote control electronics as rack unit (19")

Setpoint signal:

4 to 20 mA (3 channels/rack unit) or PROFIBUS PA
(5/10/15 channels/rack unit)

Range of stroke:

3 to 130 mm (larger strokes on request)

Angle of rotation range:

30° to 100°

Ambient temperature:

-30 °C to +80 °C (other temperature ranges on request)

Required air quality

Class 2 to ISO 8573-1

Max. air consumption in the controlled state

< 0.036 m3n/h


  • Allows use with applications exposed to radiation

  • The rack unit with 4 to 20 mA control electronics with integrated position feedback

  • Distance between control electronics and valve can be up to one kilometer

  • Approvals: CE