Instrumentation solutions for Process OEMs and machine manufacturers

Introduction: Process Instrumentation product solutions for OEM

Irrespective of being a machine builder or an overall Process OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) - you face the same challenges in today’s global market:
Meeting the high customer requirements but focusing at the same time on a standardized yet modular unit, sustainability in regards of planning and cost efficiency and at the end a high quality paired with an unbeatable performance of your machine or complete automation solution.

With its comprehensive offerings for OEMs, Siemens Process Instrumentation is your partner to meet these challenges:


  • Solution bundles
    Siemens Process Instrumentation is your entry point into the world of a complete and efficient automation product portfolio for your machines and plants giving you easy access into a plant-wide automation world and serving the overall end customer benefit

  • Local support, globally
    Delivering your unit worldwide to customers’ demands an experienced instrumentation partner being able to support you locally on the globe – worldwide service & technical support network but centrally handling  & understanding your worldwide business demands with single point of contact

  • Good enough or up for something new?
    Your machine defines what is needed: Devices for fulfilling basic demands or high class performance – The Siemens instrumentation portfolio supports your strategy to either develop cost efficient machines or machines setting industry standards.

  • Quality and certificates is nothing local
    Requiring the same global quality level and securing the availability of special local certificates is crucial for your worldwide operations. Our global factory network set on central high quality standards guarantees this and the required availability of country or application specific certificates.

  • You need it fast?
    The Siemens Quickship program ensures a straightforward delivery handling helping you to meet the end customer demands in crucial situations being supported by our global factory footprint

  • Customization
    Creating product identity or a unique solution for your customers is a major step to differentiate you from your competition. Consider Siemens instrumentation as your partner for achieving this looking into what is beyond the standard

  • Easy order handling customized for you
    In need of an efficient ordering process without stress, burdensome additional in between steps and automatic order verification? The Siemens Industry Mall is THE answer for our OEM customers

  • Tools and more
    Planning, Selection, Configuration and Integration, Training…various tools and offerings from Siemens Instrumentation help you to achieve all of the above and even more easing your process steps

Plant wide automation advantages for OEMs

In addition with the Siemens plant wide automation concept to integrate different automation solutions along the whole value chain from OEM to end customer the full potential of Siemens unfolds in order to achieve together with you todays and tomorrows demands:

  • Modular complete solutions based on automation, drives, instrumentation and energy technology, as well as IT, digital planning and services

  • Full portfolio from a single source enabling a plant-wide automation throughout the entire lifecycle of a production plant and it’s machines

  • Less time required for planning, engineering, commissioning and integration with Siemens standards including planning tools, PLC blocks and HMI libraries

  • Global 24h support network and extended lifecycle services increasing the plant availability and efficiency for a continuous operation

  • Flexible tailoring: products for simple or customized machine requirements up to entire technical and financial automation solutions all along the value chain