Hydrostatic level measurement

Hydrostatic level measurement

The hydrostatic level measurement is a low-cost process for direct mounting or use with remote seals on tanks or containers. The P300 and P DS III gauge pressure transmitters are suitable for measurements on open containers; for closed containers, it is preferable to use the differential pressure transmitters of the P DS III series. The low-cost alternative for non-corrosive liquids such as water/waste water is the SITRANS P MPS submersible sensor.

Low-cost and hard wearing

Siemens offers a comprehensive product portfolio for hydrostatic level measurement. Whether by direct measurement or remote seals, whether on open or closed containers, you will find the best solution for your requirements with our SITRANS P pressure/differential pressure transmitter. These devices are extremely resistant to chemical and mechanical loads as well as electromagnetic interference. They are commonly used in the chemical and petrochemical industries. As well, don’t forget that the safest engineered level measurement solution includes switches for back-up, overfill, low level and dry run protection.

Product overview

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