SITRANS FUS080 is a transit time based transmitter designed for ultrasonic flow metering with any sensor in the  SITRANS FUS380 / SITRANS  FUE380  in-line series. SITRANS FUS080 comes as battery or mains powered version and is designed to measure flow in  water applications.

In order to make a complete flowmeter, the SITRANS  FUS080 flow transmitter must be combined with one of the following:





SITRANS F US SONOKIT: retrofit flowmeter series
SITRANS FUS380: flow meter for measuring on all district water qualities and water conductivities  
SITRANS FUE380: as SITRANS FUS380, but with type approval for custody transfer systems

Application Examples: Water flow in District heating plants, Local networks, Boiler stations, Substations, Chiller plants, Irrigation plants and other general water applications



± 0.5% of flow rate



Input / output

1-, 2-track  interfaces

2 pulse or status


MODBUS RTU protocol:
IrDA optical eye
Additional add-on modules
PDM (Process Device Manager)


LCD, 8 digits with additional symbols for information


IP67/NEMA 4X/6

 Power supply

Battery or Mains (3.6V or 115/230V AC)

 Operating temperature

From -5 to 60 °C (23 to 140 °F)  


MID, PTB (depend on system selection)


  • Long-term stability with battery powered up to 6 years

  • Easy and straight forward commissioning with only one button on display

  • Optimum accuracy with 2-track measuring principle

  • Easy to connect to a calculator due to 2 galvaniced isolated digital outputs

  • Measuring all water qualitites