The battery or mains powered SITRANS FUE950 is a universal custody transfer approved energy calculator. It is designed for use in hot water, chilled water and cooling/heating applications.

The calculator has a modular construction which means that it can be fitted with optional output modules when it is ordered. These include a pulse output, pulse input, current output  and an M-Bus add-on  module. If needed, the necessary temperature sensor pair  and  pockets can be ordered along with the calculator.  

The SITRANS FUE950 can be used with SITRANS FUS380,  SITRANS FUE380, SITRANS F M MAG 5000,  SITRANS F M MAG 6000, SITRANS F  M MAG 8000  and SITRANS FS220.

Application Examples: District heating applications, Chilled water applications, Combined cooling/heating applications


 Meassuring range

Qp ≤ 360000 m³/h (600000 GPM)
P ≤ 15000000 kW


EN1434 Class 3, typical ±(0.5 + 3K/ΔΘ) [%]






 Input / output


1 Pulse of flowmeter (always included)

2 Temperature input as PT100/500,

2 or 4-wire (always included)

2 Pulse input (optional)



2 Pulse or status (optional)

1 M-Bus (optional)

1 RS 232 M-Bus protocol  (optional)

1 RS485 M-Bus protocol (optional)

2 current (4-20mA , passive) (optional)


8-digit LCD display with associated pictograms/symbols


IP54 (in accordance with IEC 529)

 Power Supply

Battery (3.6V Lithium D-cell type)
230 V a.c.
24 V a.c.

 Temperature input

From  -20 to 190 °C (-4 to 374 °F)

 Ambient temperature

From  0 to 55 °C (32 to 131 °F)


MID (EN1434, heating) and PTB K7.2 (cooling)


  • MID directive approval for custody transfer for water energy metering

  • Cooling approval (according national German PTB K7.2 standard)  

  • Suitable for 2 and 4 wire temperature sensor connection  

  • Delivered with heat-/cooling approved PT500 sensor set (incl. sensor pockets)              

  • Optical M-Bus  data reading in accordance with EN 1434

  • Instantaneous values for energy and volume flow

  • Flexible input / output option modules

  • Long battery lifetime (up to 16 years)

  • Option for 2 current outputs (4 ... 20mA, passive)