SITRANS F US SONOKIT offers a simple, accurate alternative to traditional flowmeters because it can be retrofitted onto existing pipelines.  It is a transit time based ultrasonic flowmeter for retrofitting on existing pipelines.
SITRANS F US SONOKIT has in-line transducers which assure superior accuracy and performance.

The kit includes all necessary parts and special tools to make the installation as 1- or 2-track flowmeter. It is made for installation on empty pipes or pipes under pressure without process shut-down (hot-tap).    

The SITRANS F US SONOKIT consists of a sensorkit and transmitter. For details and information about the transmitter, see  SITRANS FUS060 and  SITRANS FUS080.

Application Examples: Water power stations, District heating plants, Water distribution systems


 Measuring range

Qn 100 to 78000 m3/h (depends on size and transmitter)

 Nominal size

From DN 100 to DN 1200 (4” to 48”) (depends on transmitter)


± 0.5 to 1.5% of flow rate

 Operating pressure

Max. 40 bar (Max 580 psi)

 Operation temperature

From -20 to 200 °C (-4 to 392 °F)


1 or 2 tracks


Typical pipe material:  steel, stainless steel, concrete


ATEX (only for SITRANS FUS060)


  • Takes complexity out of  retrofitting

  • Cost-effective and accurate solution, containing all the necessary components  

  • Very robust as it can be buried and withstands constant flooding

  • Minimum  maintenance due to the solid construction and no moving parts