Coriolis flow meter

Coriolis flow meter

The SITRANS F C Coriolis flow meter family measures direct mass flow rates of liquids and gases in virtually all applications without special calibration. The multifunctional Coriolis flow meter provides reliable, precise values for mass flow and volume flow rates, temperature, density and concentration (e.g. Brix or Baume). And the Siemens Coriolis flow meter family is a top-seller.

Quality, reliability and performance: Coriolis flow measurement

Every SITRANS F C Coriolis flow meter provides precise information about liquids or gases flowing through a pipe. Typically, our Coriolis flow measurement capabilities are used for measuring, mixing products, accounting, as well as many other applications. We emphasize safety, reliability and quality, and our innovative technologies regularly set new standards in Coriolis flow measurement.

Product overview

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