Gas Void Fraction Eliminator


When it comes to removing unwanted gas from your pipeline, Siemens has the solution. The Gas Void Fraction Eliminator (GVFE) has been designed to enhance the performance of any flowmeter present in two-phase liquid applications. The GVFE is capable of detecting and removing undesirable entrained gas including bubbly, annular, slug and stratified flow.

Available in mechanical, semi-automated and automated versions, the GVFE is ideal for applications requiring high-precision flow measurement or separation of liquids and gases, such as custody transfer (including LACT units), blending, onloading/offloading (including bunkering), and wellhead or pipeline measurements.


  • The only solution on the market capable of extracting all entrained gas under full-flow and full-velocity conditions, making it possible to maintain system-designed flow rates and efficiency

  • Protects equipment from damage, maximizes production and provides for faster ROI in comparison to other solutions

  • Low pressure drop for reduced pump loading and energy costs

  • Smaller footprint requiring minimal usage of space in skids or pads

  • Retrofits to existing piping systems