Here you can find the general Service & Support functions of the process instrumentation.

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he right person in the regional organization for your questions on the topic sales, technical support, fieldservice, repair and spare parts in any country you can find here:
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The Online Support offers you a comprehensive information system for all Industry Automation and Drive Technologies Service & Support subjects at any time.
From product support to service information to interactive services, the Online Support is always your first step - around the clock, every day of the year.  
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Technical Support

Technical assistance for products and systems in english language round the clock.  
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For our customers in Germany, the number of the central  Hotline is +49 911 895 7 222

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Glossary – Explosion Protection and Approvals

In the following glossary you can find an overview with explanations regarding explosion protection and other approvals.


Field Service

For field service request on process instrumentation please contact your regional service organisation. You can find them under: Contact Field Service

PI  specialist on-site
In case there is no field service available in the regional service organization, feel free to contact us. There is an opportunity to send a PI product specialist from Technical Expert Center department.

If support is needed for temperature and pressure instrumentation, valve positioner, level products, flow devices and weighing technology please contact:

Headquarter PD PA PI
Technical Expert Center
Tel: 49 721 595 4607

Request  also via  SIROT (ID # 609) Headquarter PD PA PI

Return Goods Note

When returning goods, please mind the sufficient identification or provision of order information for processing. For this purpose please you can use our return good note.
Information about the returned good (e.g. reason for return) an the declaration of decontamination has to be fixed distinctly and visibly outside the packing.

A return good note draft you can find here.


Decontamination Declaration

Please note that we have returned equipment/spare parts with which no decontamination explanation is enclosed cleaned at the expense of the forwarder professionally before a further processing.    de    en


The  warranty conditions depend on the relevant delivery contract with Siemens. Unless otherwise agreed in the relevant delivery or service contract, no service assignment can be made free of charge within the warranty period.