06/07/2018 | First pressure transmitters for remote commissioning of functional safety

  Siemens presents Sitrans P320/420, the first pressure transmitter on the market to feature remote safety handling reducing commissioning time in applications requiring functional safety. Via Simatic Process Device Manager (PDM) the safety integrity level (SIL) devices will be commissioned: rather than manually attending to each individual device across the facility, operators can commission transmitters from the control room.  more

05/07/2018 | Transmitter offers high reliability in temperature measurement

  With Sitrans TH320/420 and TR320/420, Siemens introduces a new generation of reliable HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer Protocol) temperature transmitters for a wide range of sensor types suitable for mounting in sensor head and rail mounting. They feature high availability of the measurement signal and ease of use.  more

09/28/2017 | Siemens enhances digital Coriolis flow portfolio for process optimization

  To extend the numerous process-optimizing advantages of the digital Coriolis flowmeter platform to low-flow applications such as batching, dosing and filling of both liquids and gases, the Sitrans FCT030 and FCT010 digital transmitters can now be paired with the Sitrans F C MASS 2100 and Sitrans FC300 Coriolis sensors for small line sizes from DI 1.5 to DN 15. With this major enhancement to the product line, a broad range of users from chemical to automotive applications can benefit from market-leading mass flow accuracy of 0.1%, density accuracy of 0.5 kg/m3 and 100 Hz signal processing. The high-speed update rate ensures the highest precision for applications such as the filling of beverage bottles. more

06/22/2017 | Side-by-side with a mechanical worker: The combination of robots and Siemens systemsoptimizes the weighing process

  Opdenhoff Technologie GmbH specializes among other things in the development of solutions for industrial processes which involve collaborative robotics. The company combines in-house software solutions with components supplied by partners in the automation industry. For smaller mixing, dosing and weighing operations, Opdenhoff uses the Siemens Siwarex product portfolio and Simatic automation systems for communication with the robots. more

04/24/2017 | New Digital ultrasonic flow system with high accuracy and noise immunity

  Combining the new Sitrans FST030 transmitter with dependable Sitrans FSS200 clamp-on sensors, Siemens is launching the next generation of digital clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement technology: the Sitrans FS230. The new flow system with high accuracy and noise immunity is suitable for a broad array of industries requiring high-quality liquid flow measurement, including water and wastewater, power, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical more

10/24/2016 | Temperature measuring system lengthens the service lives of plants and improves product quality

  In the Sitrans TO500, Siemens is putting an innovative measuring system for fiberoptic temperature measurement onto the market. It enables complex temperature measurements and detection of the precise position of critical overtemperatures, for example in tube and tube-bundle reactors. The Sitrans TO500 is characterized by a large number of measuring points (up to 48 per measuring lance, depending on the temperature range) and the small diameter of the sensor measuring lance. This allows users to use a smaller protective tube in the reactor. This makes measurements more accurate, and so improves productivity and product quality. The precise determination of the temperature profile enables users to detect critical operating states in good time and initiate countermeasures. This lengthens the service lives of plants. The measuring system is especially suitable for use in the chemical industry. more

06/15/2016 | New ultrasonic level transmitter for hazardous locations

  Siemens is expanding its ultrasonic level transmitter portfolio by adding the non-contacting transmitter Sitrans LU180. The new level transmitter comes with ATEX, FM, CSA, and IECEx approvals for use in hazardous locations. With its range of up to five meters (16 feet), the Sitrans LU180 incorporates the sensor and the electronics in a single compact unit and is suitable for continuous level measurement of liquids and slurries in open or closed vessels. more

05/11/2016 | New weighing electronics: Integrated weighing technology for Advanced Controllers

  Siemens is extending its weighing technology portfolio to include two new electronic modules: The Siwarex WP521 ST and WP522 ST. The new technology module designed for the Simatic S7-1500 Advanced Controller family is available in two variants, and is ideally suited for platform scales and filling level monitoring in silos and bunkers. more

05/11/2016 | One that masters everything: New functions for positioner

  Siemens has modified its Sipart PS2 positioner with an array of new functions and communication standards. The Sipart PS2 positioner is now available with a new diagnostic package, which has been extended to include Full Stroke (FST), Step Response (SRT), and Multi-Step Response (MSRT) tests. more

04/05/2016 | Again top honors for Siemens at the Readers' Choice Awards

  The third time in succession Siemens won the International Weighing Review Readers' Choice Awards which attracted participants from 61 countries and nominations for 72 weighing products and solutions. Also 2016 Siemens won in three categories. In the category “Best weighing company, Siemens took the third place. Also this year the belt scale Siemens Milltronics MSI won as Best Industrial Scale. The first place for the Best Weighing Instrumentation won the SIWAREX WP251. more