The main field of application for the SIPROCESS GA700 CALOMAT 7 is to carry out quantitative determinations of H2 or He in a binary or quasi-binary gas mixture. With its high measuring range dynamics and fast reaction time, the CALOMAT 7 is ideal for a wide range of applications.

The module can be operated in either a rack or wall-mounted housing, independent of the ambient temperature, in up to 50°C (122 °F). The operating concept is based on a clearly laidout menu structure with comprehensive user support. For example, when putting the device into operation the first time, an installation assistant guides the user through the installation  with clear and understandable instructions. The software is available in several different languages, thus ideal for global applications.

The CALOMAT 7 can be employed, for instance, in pure gas monitoring, protective gas monitoring, or in hydroargon gas monitoring.

Gas analysis has never been easier!

Compatible products

Feel free to combine the CALOMAT 7 module with another CALOMAT 7 module or with one of the following:


Fitted in housing

19" rack housing IP20 (three height units);
wall housing IP65


H2, He, Ar, CO2, CH4 in binary or quasi-binary gas mixtures

Smallest measuring range

0 ... 0.5 %

Ambient temperature

0 ... + 50 °C


  • Ideal for binary gases

  • Integrated cross-correction, no external calculation necessary

  • High measuring range dynamics

  • Low detection limits in the measuring range 0 to 0.5 % with hydrogen

  • T90 time < 2.5 seconds

  • Maximum ambient temperature 50 °C

  • Easy to use, due to Plug & Measure

  • Ready for Industry 4.0