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Unmatched Efficiency meets lowest maintenance efforts

The Siemens MAXUM Edition II is the leading gas chromatograph in the process industry
It is used around the world and is outstanding with its high precision and reliability for analyzing gases.
We have now combined these excellent properties with easier handling.
The result is the MAXUM Edition II Modular Oven.
Duration: 2:24 min

MAXUM - FID Cabling Installation

Duration: 4:53 min

SIPROCESS GA700 - Gas analysis easier than ever – Experience the new series

Duration: 6:25 min


MAXUM edition II: Build the future with the proven

Featuring new display technology, new electronics and software as well as a new modular oven concept, the proven process gas chromatograph MAXUM edition II offers even higher flexibility and ease-of-use.
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Duration: 1:40 min

Gas analysis in solvent recovery: Nitto Europe

Eco-friendly and budget-friendly: Nitto Europe uses MAXUM edition II process gas chromatographs in their solvent recovery system.
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Duration: 3:31 min

Build the future with the proven - MAXUM Innovations

The MAXUM - a futureproof platform. Experience the innovations of the versatile and proven Siemens gas chromatograph MAXUM edition II.
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Duration: 2:17 min

SIPROCESS GA700: Modular, flexible – and still precise

The SIPROCESS GA700 series from Siemens is a new extractive gas analyzer family with an innovative platform concept. A modular basic device can be equipped with various analyzer modules depending on the measuring task. Users can benefit from easy installation, upgrades, commissioning and operation.
Duration: 1:50 min


SIPROCESS UV600: Measurements in the UV range

SIPROCESS UV600 is an extractive UV gas analyzer that can simultaneously measure up to three components. It is a specialist for extremely selective NO measurement with small measuring ranges and an allrounder also for other UV-active gases, e.g. NO₂ SO₂ und H₂S.
Duration: 0:57 min


Gaschromatography in the OMV refinery Burghausen

Propylene production is a highly complex process, that needs very precise and reliable measurement technology. For this purpose, the OMV refinery in Burghausen, Germany uses Siemens technology in the area of process analytics. A total of 17 Maxum Ed. II frequently measure in a minimal contaminations in a very short time, ensuring the production of highly pure propylene in the metathesis plant.
Duration: 4:31 min


Emission Monitoring: AVA waste recycling Augsburg

Even under highly difficult conditions we are able to support our customers with our reliable and precise devices as it is shown well by the example of the AVA waste incineration plant in Augsburg, Germany. Even under rough measuring conditions our LDS 6 is compliant with the legal guidelines, upkeeping a measurement availability of 99%.
Duration: 02:55 min


Sustainable water use, Czajka wastewater plant, Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland. On the banks of the Vistula River, Poland’s largest waste water treatment plant “Czajka” will be commissioned in mid-2012 to treat the waste water collected from roughly 2.1 million inhabitants living in the greater metropolitan area of Warsaw. Siemens will be providing a comprehensive automation solution for this major project.
Dauer: 04:24 min


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