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Discover the Potential of Digitalization

Published in: Process News, edition 02a/15

At ACHEMA 2015, Siemens is demonstrating how companies in the process industry can use integrated solutions to increase efficiency and productivity and thus their competitiveness.   more
More modules – more possibilities

Published in: Process News, edition 02a/15

Since 2012, Siprocess GA700 has been the modular device concept for extractive gas analysis in Siemens’ portfolio. After a successful start with the Oxymat module, two additional modules now follow with the Ultramat 7 and Calomat 7.   more
Reliably monitoring process analytics

Published in: Process News, edition 02a/15

To ensure efficient plant operation, accurate information on equipment reliability and data quality is very important. The Analyzer System Manager (ASM) is a manufacturer- independent system for monitoring analyzers…   more
Highly accurate temperature control during a glass melt is absolutely critical for production quality. Burner energy efficiency and waste gas emissions pollution control are also highly important issues which can be influenced by changes in natural gas composition. To meet this application, an automated method of feed-forward process control using a fast response micro GC-TCD arrangement can be used. The critical question of the most suitable carrier gas for this application is discussed along with calibration gas mixture requirements.   more
Are Your Facility’s CEMS in Compliance with the EN standards?

Published in: Environmental Technology Magazine 24.02.2015, Author Rudi Spinner

For continuous measurements of stack emissions the EN 14181 standard specifies that not only analyzers, but complete automated measuring systems (AMS) need to be approved. EN 15267 provides the uni? ed scheme for testing and approving AMS in Europe.   more
Improved performance, less effort

Published in: Process News, edition 01/15

From reactive to proactive maintenance: With the Analyzer System Manager, it is now much easier to determine the current status and maintenance requirements of analytical devices in process plants.   more
Use of modern Process Gas Chromatographs in the Oil and Gas Industry

Published in: PETRO Industry News 30.09.2015, Author Harald Mahler

Process gas chromatography has proven its worth in the oil and gas industry as an important tool for process analytics. This technology has high availability and is extremely flexible for a variety of applications despite the varying requirements of the market.   more