Total mercury analyzer system HM-1400 TRX


Monitoring mercury content in flue gases is becoming increasingly important. In the USA new regulations will come into effect in 2016, which could become a model for the entire EU. The total mercury analyzer in our portfolio was conceived as a standardized solution for continuous mercury monitoring: sample taking, sample preparation, and gas analysis that is automated and reliable.

HM-1400 TRX is a measuring system for fully-automatic and continuous mercury analysis in flue gas stacks gas by measuring mercury vapor (without wet chemistry). The system uses the extractive measuring principle and includes sampling probe and sampling line.


Measuring principle

Determination of the Hg° concentration of the extracted and conditioned sample gas by help of a dual beam UV CVAAS photometer. Ionic Hg-compounds are converted to Hg°inside a thermal converter.


Concentration of total Hg in sample gas, indicated as Hg°(elemental)in μg/Nm3

Measuring ranges

0 ... 45/0 ... 75 to
0 ... 500 μg/Nm3


  • Maintenance-free (6 months) dry reactor

  • Conversion of the sample gas into mercury vapor by a combination of thermal and dry chemical treatment

  • Continuous vapor measurement in a photometer

  • Low cross sensitivities

  • No fail-safe instrument air required

  • Larger measuring ranges with dilution device (option)

  • Integrated system to generate reference gas (option)