Set CEM 1

Continuous emission monitoring in flue gas


On the one hand driven by regulations regarding emission monitoring from the legislative and on the other hand demanded by plant operators who gain out of the analyses information regarding the process efficiency, for example in boiler control, emission monitoring is one of the most important topics in continuous gas analytics.

This market demands a complete system that is designed especially for this application. With Set CEM 1 (Continuous Emission Monitoring) Siemens offers standardized systems that fulfill the requirements from sampling probe through the sample conditioning system to the gas analyses.

It is possible to determine the concentrations of the gas components CO, CO2, NO, NOx, SO2, O2, HCL, HF, NH3 and H2O. The Set offers several versions to fulfill the demands of the market flexibly. Starting from a mounting rack with one analyzer and sample conditioning system options can be added easily and fast.