Natural Gas: Set CV

Determination of natural gas quality


The global energy demand is increasing, while at the same time the fossil fuel reserves are decreasing. Natural Gas is a fossil energy source that has huge unused reserves.

From production, through distribution network to end users the quality of natural gas is analyzed at several points. For example to identify the monetary value for trade purposes, to create a natural gas mix from several natural gas sources with a certain quality or to optimize combustion process efficiency. Caloric value, relative density and Wobbe Index are the key indicators that need to be determined.

The more accurate, faster and more reliable the natural gas quality is determined the more accurate is the charging between two parties, the more accurate is the quality of the natural gas mix, the more efficient combustion processes can be. Therefore there are good economical reasons to determine the natural gas quality as precise as possible.

In 180 s the natural gas analyzer SITRANS CV determines eleven components as well as calorific value, relative density and Wobbe Index. The market demands a reliable complete system that is designed especially for the application natural gas. With Set CV (Calorific Value) Siemens offers a standardized system that fulfills the requirements from sample probe, high pressure reduction and sample conditioning system through quality determination with process gas chromatograph SITRANS CV to utilities supply and communication port extensions.

The set offers several variations to meet flexibly the demands of the market.