Control Software

Continuous process gas analytics, extractive

    SIPROM GA is a free software program for communication between your PC or laptop and Series 6 or ULTRAMAT 23 analyzers. It is used for parameter assignment, maintenance and diagnostics. SIPROM GA accesses analyzers either directly from your PC or via an RS 485 port or Ethernet gateway.

    SIMATIC PDM (Process Device Manager) is a universal, vendor-neutral tool for the configuration, parameter assignment, commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance of intelligent field devices. Series 6, ULTRAMAT 23 and SIPROCESS GA700 gas analyzers can all be configured and monitored with this software. SIMATIC PDM can also be integrated into the SIMATIC PCS 7/STEP 7 configuration environment to monitor the entire plant. The PC and analyzers can communicate via Ethernet and Profibus.

Continuous process gas analytics, in-situ

  • LDSComm
    For service and maintenance purposes, LDS 6 and SITRANS SL can send and receive data over an Ethernet connection. This service and maintenance tool can check and adapt the device status and calibration parameters from a remote location. If required, a complete system check can even be conducted remotely. If servicing is required, the necessary information can be sent by modem to Siemens service staff, who will then carry out the necessary measures remotely. This remote maintenance and diagnostics function is realized with a standard LAN modem.

Process gas chromatography

  • Gas Chromatograph Portal
    The Gas Chromatograph Portal workstation software, an upgrade of the 'System Manager' and 'EZChrom' software, enables simple monitoring and parameter assignment of Advance Maxum, Maxum edition II and MicroSAM gas chromatographs connected to Ethernet. This intuitive software allows access to, for example, device status, analytical results, parameters and chromatograms. The Gas Chromatograph Portal workstation software also includes tools for data logging, reporting and network monitoring of connected devices.

  • MAXUM OPC Server
    The 'MAXUM OPC Server' software tool collects measured values, device status, analytical results etc. from Maxum edition II and MicroSAM gas chromatographs connected to Ethernet, and makes this data available to higher-level systems, for example the process control system, via an OPC DA server.