Be ahead of the curve in education

With IOT2020, Siemens is offering a solution for open-source applications for the education market with SIMATIC quality for 24/7 operation.

Regardless of the major – electrical, automation or process engineering, computer science, building technology, machine building, mechatronics, robotics or embedded systems the IOT2020 is the right open platform for colleges/universities and vocational training schools.

SIMATIC IOT2020 enables students to get hands-on experience in the first years of their studies or in demanding projects i.e. in applications with sensor and control technology with open and closed loop control in high-level languages.

The IOT2020 is built around the Intel Quark® x1000 CPU, the open source Yocto Linux operating System and the Intel System Studio IOT Edition, to implement projects in C/C++ Code in Eclipse and other high-level programming languages by educators and students.


High-level languages like C/C++, Python, Java, Json, Node.js/Node-RED and others can be installed.

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