Cooperation to improve vocational training

Siemens and the WorldSkills International organization share a desire to continuously improve the quality of vocational training for young people throughout the world, because competent young professionals secure future success. To achieve this goal, Siemens supports educational institutions throughout the world with its unique technological know-how.

As an innovative, globally active technology company, we want to inspire people to have an interest in technology. As a global industrial partner we, together with WorldSkills, take on the responsibility of sustainably improving the quality of vocational training worldwide.


Final report 07/2013: Siemens@WorldSkills Leipzig 2013

More than 1000 young skilled workers from 53 countries competed intensely in the WorldSkills Competition (WSC) which was held at the Leipzig Exhibition Grounds from July 2 – 7 in a compelling competition for the coveted title of best in the world. The broad spectrum of 46 professional and vocational professions ranged from trades and services to industrial and technical professions. The participants, who were up to 22 years of age, had to complete numerous challenging tasks quickly and convincingly. As a Global Industry Partner of WorldSkills International, Siemens equipped several disciplines with the latest industrial products from the world of automation and drive technology.

Press Newsletter 03/2013: Vocational training competition - Siemens sponsors vocational training competition “WorldSkills Leipzig 2013”

Leipzig, Germany. Siemens is a sponsor of the international vocational training
competition WorldSkills Leipzig 2013, due to take place from 2nd to7th of July at the Leipzig Exhibition Grounds. Siemens will also be exhibiting at the event under the banner “Discover your Skills and Opportunities together with Siemens” in Hall 3.

Pressemitteilung 02/2013 von WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 - Siemens unterstützt WorldSkills Leipzig 2013

Leipzig, 19.2.2013: Siemens unterstützt die WorldSkills Leipzig 2013. Bei der WM der Berufe stattet das Unternehmen als Skill Presenter die Disziplin Anlagenelektrik sowie als Skill Sponsor die Disziplin Polymechanik mit modernen Industriekomponenten der Automatisierungs- und Antriebstechnik aus. Darüber hinaus stellt Siemens Wettbewerbsequipment für die Disziplin Elektrotechnik bereit. Siemens hat bereits die WorldSkills London 2011 mit ausgestattet.

Press Newsletter 03/2011: Siemens Global Industry Partner of WorldSkills International

Siemens has signed a partnership contract with the non-profit organisation WorldSkills International (WSI). As a Global Industry Partner, Siemens willsupport WSI in improving the quality of vocational training worldwide. Siemens is the 10th Global Industry Partner, swelling ranks that include companieslike Wuerth, Festo and Samsung, and it will consolidate the topic area industrial automation at WSI. At the same time, Siemens will be a product sponsor ofthe 41st WorldSkills Competition to be held in London in October 2011. Siemens will provide equipment in thetwo competitions „Industrial Control“ and „Polymechanics/Automation“, and for this purpose it will equip the competing participants with automation and drive components.

Press Newsletter 11/2011: Skill 19 gold medal goes to Korea, silver to Japan and bronze to Switzerland

London, United Kingdom
Korean national Hee Jae Yoo takes the gold medal, Japan’s Yuki Okayama secures silver and Andrin Cavegn from Switzerland takes the bronze in the “Industrial Control, Skill 19” category at the 41st WorldSkills Competition held in London in October. As a product sponsor of the Industrial Control competition, Siemens provided the finalists with automation and drive technology components for the contest.