Demo software , upgrades/updates, drivers


LOGO!Soft Comfort V6.1

It is recommended to always keep the LOGO! Soft Comfort software up to date with the latest Upgrades/Updates. Updated software is required to be able to communicate with the latest device releases.

An Update improves the software within the same version e.g. from V6.0.17 to V6.1.12 via a Service Pack (SP). It is possible to update directly from Internet within LOGO! Soft Comfort or via downloading and installing the required files.

An Upgrade improves the software to a higher version, e.g. from V4 to V8.
This can be done via the internet directly within LOGO! Soft Comfort or downloading and installing the required files or purchasing the upgrade on a CD.
PREREQUISITE: A fully functional, original, licensed version of LOGO! Soft Comfort must already be installed.

Demo software

With a demo version of LOGO! Soft Comfort, you can easily familiarise yourself with the LOGO!. You can create, simulate, archive and print out circuit programs via a PC for all LOGO! devices.
RESTRICTION: You cannot transfer (download or upload) the circuit programs to/from a LOGO!.
It is therefore also not possible to perform on-line monitoring or tests of a running program.
These features are only possible with a full version of the software.
A program developed with the demosoftware can be further developed and transferred afterwards with the full version!
As ideal tool for the familiarisation is the WBT (first Steps with LOGO! 8).

sha256 checksum

Verification of a download:

By comparing your calculated SHA256 checksum with the SHA256 checksum the verification will be possible.

• Transfer your file on your computer
• Open the “+” symbol under your download to find the SHA256 checksum of your file
• Calculate the SHA256 checksum.
For description of calculation SHA256 checksum please click here.

• Please compare both SHA256 checksums
(Your own calculated SHA256 sum and the SHA256 checksum of the file).
If both are identical your file was transferred unaltered.

Download verification is completed.


Download a demo version of LOGO! Soft Comfort V8


includes Java VM

without Java VM

Windows® 64 Bit

Download Demo (132 MB)


Windows® 32 Bit

Download Demo (139 MB)


Mac OS X


Download Demo (87,7 MB)

Linux 64 Bit

Download Demo (146 MB)


Linux 32 Bit

Download Demo (148 MB)



You can find the current service pack SP1 for the LOGO devices here:

A detailed instructions for the firware upgrade of the LOGO! 8.2 SP1 is available here:


LOGO! Soft Comfort V8. 0 (languages)

LOGO! Soft Comfort V7.x (languages)

Update LOGO! Soft Comfort V6.x (Languages)

For the installation of these language files or the Service Pack, please use the "Update Center" within the Help menu of LOGO! Soft Comfort.


Download the current service pack, this includes the LOGO! Access Tool and the LOGO! Web Editor.


Drivers for LOGO! USB PC-cable

Drivers for LOGO! USB PC-cable (Windows, Mac, Linux )

Download (7.00 MB)

Windows® Instructions

Windows Logo


  • Supports 32/64-Bit, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

After downloading, double-click Setup.exe


You do not need to install any other software.
A Java virtual machine is included with this download.

Mac OS X Instructions

Mac OS X Logo

After downloading, double-click Setup


  • Requires Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, Mac OS X Lion, Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Mac OS X Maveriks

  • Be sure you have Java 1.5 or later installed. You can download Java from Oracle´s site

  • The compressed installer should be recognized by Stuffit Expander and should automatically be expanded after downloading. If it is not expanded, you can expand it manually using StuffIt Expander 6.0 or later.

  • If you have any problems launching the installer once it has been expanded, make sure that the compressed installer was expanded using Stuffit Expander.
    If you continue to have problems, please contact technical support.

Linux Instructions

Linux Logo

  • Supports 32/64-Bit, Suse Linux 11.3 SP3, Kernel 3.0.76

  • After downloading open a shell and, cd to the directory where you downloaded the installer

  • At the prompt type: sh ./Setup.bin


A Java virtual machine is included with this download.
It will be run automatically when you run the shell script.

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Mac OS X is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.
Solaris and Java are trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
All other marks are properties of their respective owners.