LOGO! in applications

"Mr. Automation - that´s me" Heribert Heitmeier, trout farmer and LOGO! Fan

Trout farmer

Experience the diverse range of applications for LOGO! In fish farming, for instance, LOGO! 8 can be used for monitoring the oxygen content of the fish ponds, for controlling the water aerators and automatic feeders, and for optimizing energy costs and food.

Daniel Miehling, house owner and LOGO! fan

Landlord Daniel Miehling

Daniel Miehling uses LOGO! for convenience and safety
in the home, from automatic control of blinds and lights,
to presence simulation.

Florian Wendler, Farmer in Tennlohe, near Nuremberg

Wendler Chicken Mobil

Chicken Mobile: LOGO! 8 controls the daily operations in the Mobile

Starpool Company, Italy

Starpool Company SPAs

LOGO! 8 automates the SPAs of the Starpool company

LOGO! 8 in overview

The man behind LOGO!

Small but... - new display, ethernet onboard, an integrated webserver...
Take a look at the overview tabs.

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LOGO! 8 What else should be mentioned!
More interesting information and many details round about the new LOGO!...

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